Valisère lingerie let out women's phantasms...

For more than 150 years, Valisère has been reacting on the sensuality world.
Since 1860, Valisère, founded by Madame Auguste Perrin, has wished to inspire women in their discovery of seduction, and has encouraged them to create their own character, their own sensual history.

Collection Cirque Lumineux

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Cirque Lumineux by Valisère, a woman's radiance is perfectely complete with this extraordinary christmas line. A glamorous and attractive effect with it's sensuel cuts and it's delicate and twinkling embroidery and satin.

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Collection Spot Excentrique

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Spot Excentrique by Valisère, sophisticated cuts, to enhance the illimited power of women. Inspired by “bondage and fetish” tendencies.

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Collection Spot Mystique

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Spot Mystique by Valisère, irresistible cuts, playing transparencies, inspired by pastoral atmosphere

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